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If Humans 'Cured' Aging

What if humans could “cure” aging & effectively extend their life span indefinitely? And would this be desirable?

In a world of biological immortality, the only way you could die would be from an accident or disaster. For example, let’s take a car crash.

Well, currently, the chance for a US citizen to die from any car crash related death (including pedestrians) in any given year is 1/8,096. Which means, if you could live 8,096 years, there’s a 63% chance will have already popped your clogs from a car related accident, bearing in mind you haven’t succumb to the deluge of other daily hazards.

Consequently, because the odds against you increase over time, dying from an accident is invetible. Thus, humans would likely over optimise for safety. Every hazard would be seen as a huge gamble, forcing humans to become exceptional risk managers.

This could lead to a very mundane & boring life. Is this something to look forward too?